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The Personality Compass : A New Way to Understand People
by Diane Turner, Thelma Greco

302 pages
Published by Harper Collins

The Personality Compass, first published and distributed globally in 1997 by Element Books Ltd, and published in its second edition in 2000 by HarperCollins, has been published in seven languages to date. Presently off the market until its re-release with Turner and Greco's second book (no proposed date available yet, but stay tuned), The Personality Compass has received outstanding reviews over the years, both as an enjoyable and useful book, and as a meaningful model for identifying personality types for the purpose of improving lives, learning, relationships, careers, organizational environments, performance and corporate profits (also see The Personality Compass Workshops).

Words From Our Readers . . .

From British Columbia:
". . . What I really like is that it is so much easier to accurately identify friends, coworkers, and acquaintance with this system than with Myers-Briggs. As another reviewer noted, the distinction between the four types are well defined enough that I didn't find two of my friends who are radically different were the same type, as happened with Myers-Briggs . . . What I especially liked about this book is that the authors suggest that all four types are valuable, and the book gives suggestions as to how to develop the parts of you that are not as strong. As well, it is better than Myers-Briggs in giving tips for how to deal with people of various types."
From Canada:
"I have read your book and I commend you for an excellent exposition of what could otherwise be a difficult subject to tackle. I particularly like your linking your theory to classic theories about the nature of human beings. Equally important I like your presentation style which is very conducive to a hands-on-approach."
From Istanbul, Turkey:
"I'm writing these lines from Istanbul. I work here as a Psychological Assessment Consultant. Book is so clear and easy to understand and I am using it to be helpful for my company."
From Newcastle Upon Tyne, England:
"I'm an executive coaching consultant and use your book. Thanks to your clear and user-friendly writing style, the transition from theory to practice has been smooth and easy."
From Melbourne, Australia:
". . . I have read and studied many typology books and this is one of the simplest and best I have seen . . . Currently I am typifying my friends using the behaviours section of the book, and I have found it to be the most accurate in grouping like people. . . great stuff!"
From Prague, Czech Republic:
". . . It was interressant to read your book and I had a great pleasure to read it on the beach during my last vacation. I was also surprised to read in English what I explained so many times in French."
From Washington State, U.S. A.:
"I liked the idea of the simplified personalities as being NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST. It is a fun tool to use . . .