Pointing You in the Right Direction

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Ways our clients use the compass

USA Today Corporate Headquarters, (Washington, DC)
USA Today Corporate Headquarters, (Washington, DC), when faced with the challenge of meeting stringent quality standards and multiple daily deadlines, used the Compass to hire the right people to operate their 35 print sites worldwide and to develop needed skills in those individuals already in place within the international organization.

Radio Shack
RadioShack Corporate Headquarters (Fort Worth, TX) set up management training programs using the Compass to help their store employees learn how to understand and interact with their customers in order to improve sales and customer service.

Merck Pharmaceuticals
Merck Pharmaceuticals (South Africa), needing to ensure 100% accuracy on their packaging labels while still increasing assembly line speed, used the Compass to put exactly the right person in the right places on that line, and it worked perfectly to achieve zero defects and significantly increase productivity.

DeBeers Diamonds
From DeBeers Diamonds (also in South Africa) to a multitude of companies in Europe and in Western Pennsylvania, companies such as these all over the world have benefited from using The Personality Compass within their organizations . . . and now you can, too.
Comments From Clients
"Your Compass teambuilding approach to power communication has had a profound and positive effect upon the way in which we perceive each other . . . A great experience! You proved how much a small team can do in a short time."
USA Today Corporate Headquarters Washington, DC, U.S.A.

"I enjoyed literally watching people realize ?open up to the notion?that diversity is an inherent benefit in everything we do . . . Months later, people are STILL talking about the impact your series of presentations has had on our people and on our entire organization."
RadioShack Corporate Headquarters Fort Worth, TX, U.S.A.
"Even though many of the participating geologists spoke different dialects, everyone understood the Compass. It is a universal way to understand people and how to get the best from each one on the job."
DeBeers Diamonds Johannesburg, South Africa
"A truly enlightening moment occurred when we all understood that people aren't really difficult after all?they're simply different from ourselves. Knowing how to deal with the natural clash of opposites could make conflicts obsolete!"
Neals Yard London, England