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Diane Turner, M.A., Speech Communication and Rhetoric
Ms. Turner was on full-time faculty at Penn State University, teaching Speech Communication, as well as Leadership and Organizational Management, for eight years. For two years she was on-air consumer reporter for KDKA-TV's Evening Magazine. Her recent work and research focuses on developing motivational strategies to improve results-centered communication and compatibility in relationships, conflict resolution and techniques to increase organizational team competence levels. She also develops marketing strategies for nonprofits in the arts, public broadcasting, educational, political and environmental organizations. Diane is co- author of the book, The Personality Compass.

Thelma Greco, M.Ed., Education and Teambuilding
Ms. Greco was on the staff at Penn State University for ten years. She conducts leadership training and works with companies to develop strategic plans, assess effectiveness, build teams, manage downsizing and change processes, and modify corporate cultures through McNellis advanced story-board certification. In addition, Thelma is a professional handwriting expert and a Forensic Document Examiner, providing analysis for the judicial system. Her approach to consulting is collaborative with an emphasis on the implementation phase of change management. Thelma is also co-author of ThePersonality Compass, now in seven languages.

Kenneth Bright, Ph.D., Speech Communications and Theatre
Dr. Bright received his doctorate from Southern Illinois University. An experienced acting teacher and professional stage performer, as well as a seminar leader on business topics, Dr. Bright's primary research considers the intersection of gathered communication styles and organizational theory, as well as gender differences. As a professional actor, Dr. Bright has performed in New York and in major metropolitan regional theatres. He has taught acting as well as voice and movement for the stage. As a business trainer, in addition to Personality Compass workshops, he has led seminars for such clients as Sprint, NOAA, Eli Lilly, and NBC on customer service and team building.

Rebecca Fishel, MFA, Theatre Performance
On the faculty of the Department of Theatre at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for seven years, Ms. Fishell has an extensive background in communication training using theatre skills. She worked with the New York State Defenders Association, Basic Trial Skills Workshop. Most recently Ms. Fishel has acted as consultant to public radio and television stations, coaching on-air vocal work and providing training in creative teamwork. While Director of Education for the Cleveland Women's Theatre Project, she taught classes and workshops in communication subjects for business, education, law (including jury selection), medicine and the general public. She regularly presents on these and other subjects as they relate to The Personality Compass in national and regional venues.

Ilana Levy, BA, ATD Industrial Psychology
Ilana Levy is a director of The VHL Group and VHL Solutions, consultancies that bring global expertise and methods to organisational learning, development and change. Prior to starting these companies, Ilana worked in learning and development in the mining industry, as well as being a member of the industry’s industrial relations negotiating team. She has been a visiting lecturer to the Johannesburg Technikon as well as the University of Pretoria Business School. Her current consulting work includes design, development and facilitation of learning, from technical to team and management skills, as well as whole system competency acquisition design. In addition, she has developed specific expertise in individual, team and organisation transformation, as well as being an executive coach. She works globally and has used The Personality Compass with profound success in a wide range of organisations, each time linking it with different client interventions.

Joseph A. Onesta, M.A. English
Joseph Onesta began his career as an educator and lecturer in American English and Cross Cultural Communication for City University of New York in NYC and in Hiroshima, Japan. In 1995 he transferred his attention to the social and educational needs of individuals living with symptomatic HIV infection. His program at AIDS Project Los Angeles became the nation's premier program of it's kind. In 1998, he became Director of Education and Training for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Los Angeles and pioneered a certification course in personal financial management addressing the unique needs of working families. Serving as bilingual media spokesperson for CCCS-LA, he was often a featured and much quoted speaker and authority on personal finance issues. Since 2003, Mr. Onesta has been working in the field of Human Performance Improvement, consulting with organizations and individuals to improve their performance through focused activities, enriched work/life balance and enhanced communication. A Certified Compass Consultant, he now incorporates The Personality Compass into his work as "the most user friendly and, quite frankly, the best personality profiling tool in the business."

Brett Barndt, BFA, MS Public Policy and Industrial Administration
Mr. Barndt launched new products and innovative new businesses using new technology in global markets for Citigroup and Fidelity. He has also consulted on innovation and new product introduction, sales force effectiveness, communication and branding, and enterprise-wide change management for companies like Deutsche Bank, GE, Morgan Stanley, Adecco, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, L'Oreal, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson, Reuters, and CNBC. His international experiences give him passion for the power of diversity in groups to imagine, reconstitute, and achieve something new. These travels also, in fact, validate the basic metaphor of The Personality Compass!

Geoff Rip, B Bus Science, MBA
Geoff Rip is Managing Director of ChangeLever International, a company which helps clients achieve significantly better results by leveraging human performance. Geoff has extensive experience in the provision of consulting and training services to major private and public sector organisations, both in Australia and globally. Well known Australian organisations with which he has worked include Australia Post, Big W, Energex, Energy Australia, Myer Grace Bros, Queensland Rail, Westpac Banking Corp, and Woolworths Supermarkets. ChangeLever is known for designing innovative and highly effective training programs and performance improvement tools. These include products in the areas of customer service, financial acumen, personal health, productivity improvement, reasoning, safety, teamwork, training of trainers, and values alignment.

Patrick Grady
Patrick Grady is an accomplished marketing and communications professional, speaker, and trusted consultant. He’s worked on the inside and the outside of massive Fortune 100 companies, as well as small firms with as few as a dozen committed staffers. His contributions have ranged from strategic messaging to Organizational Development to training 70,000 people.

Grady has served many CEOs, CXOs, Chairpersons and Board Members directly, and even crafted strategic communications for Bill Gates of Microsoft, Len Roberts of RadioShack Corporation, and Noel Lee of Monster Cable. He knows the audience. And he knows human dynamics. He has also helped thousands of new managers become exceptionally effective leaders of people and projects, working in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

As a speaker, Grady has reached live audiences as large as 8,500 people, hosted his own radio and television programs, worked with the greatest trainers, communicators, and motivators in the world, and was featured on ABC’s "The View." He's a huge fan of social media, technology, and the shrinking world.

Grady also co-authored the book, "Tactical Abyss - The MarCom Game Changer" (Noesis Publishing, May, 2009). See the website at